$79.00 each

The Art of the High Holidays (JAJC)

For a great price, schools can purchase The Art of the High Holidaysfor use for Rosh HaShanah in 2014/5775. The program includes:

  •  A full-featured curriculum for each grade from Kindergarten through Fourth Grade, developed especially for the learning level of each group, built on a proven teaching method to stimulate interest in the visuals and encourage questions;
  •  An eight-minute supplementary film with explanations from a rabbi and art education expert, on the relationship between the customs and practices of the High Holidays and the artworks that have been associated with the holiday for over the past 600 years; and
  •  A support and training program to explain best practices for using the materials.

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$25.00 each

The Art of Passover

THE ART OF PASSOVER is a comprehensive look at the art and artistry associated with Judaism's favorite holiday. A one-hour fully narrated program of 55 art objects related to Passover. Art educator Myrna Teck, PhD, with traditional music, covers the work over the centuries, from 6th century painted walls, to modern seder plates and paintings. A wonderful way to start the holiday and bring a fresh approach to old traditions.
$25.00 each

The Art of Purim

The Art of Purim is a full-featured DVD with a presentation on the historic role that thepurim dvd case visual arts have played in the celebration of Purim, a festival that marks the triumph of the Jewish people over its enemies. Narrated with artwork.
$25.00 each

The Art of Hanukkah

JAE's latest DVD, "Art of the High Holidays." With a total of 60 images from ancient times as well as some from our most well-known contemporary artists, this DVD offers insights you will want for your home celebration as well. Artworks include Hanuka Lamps, dreidls, lluminated manuscripts, paintings, woodcuts, photographs,Hanuka-Lamp-Rockland-M.cropped and a postage stamp. The objects range from the 4th c., CE to contemporary times. Narrated by Myrna Teck, PhD, and with music from the season, you will learn as well as enjoy.
$233.50 each


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